About Us!

We are Harmony Headbands! We made a name by selling “ahead of trend,” high quality headbands at super low prices! How? We manufacture and source direct - so there is no “middle man” or “department store markup!” 

Owned by Alicia Frye! Alicia is a passionate entrepreneur who is always focused on bringing out the best of everyone that is around her.  Alicia always wanted a way to have an impact on woman's confidence and that is one of the main reasons she started Harmony Headbands!
Now you can get quality items at up to 70% lower prices than previously possible.
Harmony Headbands that focuses on Woman’s confidence and showing her ways to bring her joy daily!

From the heart of someone who loves fashion and accessories, I wanted to show and have a collection of Headbands that I could sprinkle into others' closet collections!
It can be something small to make your day better and something as easy as popping on a headband can turn a gloomy day into a day of sunshine! That is why I called my business Harmony Headbands!
I truly feel that if we can all work towards obtaining the harmony in our lives between the person we are now to the person we aspire to be, we will not only make a difference in our lives but the people that we interact with on a daily basis!
So jump in, pop on a Harmony Headband and let the sunshine into your day!